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A little about what we do and how we do it as seen by EPSON.


A Girl and Her Pony

Woodinville Senior Photographer, Corinne Alavekios, Redmond Senior Photographer

Woodinville Senior Photographer, Corinne Alavekios, Redmond Senior Photographer

An August afternoon in the countryside of the Pacific Northwest.   Woodinville Photographer Corinne Alavekios showed up in the heat of the day to capture Hannah and her beloved pony.  It took only moments for Corinne to fall into her natural surroundings of the barns and pastures.  It was so beautiful it hurt, if that could be possibly understood.  The light was harsh everywhere.  Corinne found a small patch of shade witch was perfect as it made the session intimate and simple being in very tight surroundings.  Canon EOS 1Dx is the camera of choice.  The lens was a 200mm f.2.0.   No peripherals were used, only available light.   Corinne looks for the soft source and direction of light and places her subjects eyes into it with direction, giving a ratio as not to be too flat.   This image has very little retouching, a simple levels adjustment and a few stray hairs and it was good to go.  Composition is key when photographing on location especially with animals.  Corinne Alavekios is known to let the life flow, unfold and waits for that moment to capture that sets the tone of the image and the session.  Corinne’s joy is to photograph senior photography, Woodinville, Redmond, Issaquah, bellevue and Seattle are her closest westside cities closest to their Woodinville Photography Studio.  Alavekios Photographic Essays.   A series called The Equestrian Life is now available to our clientele.  Elsa Carlson is the Studio director and is building the presence of this unique lifestyle photography that Corinne, Stevn and Elsa live and love.

Far Up Above Normal – the year of 2013

To blog or not to blog?   I know in this profession of photography we are to blog and have our visuals out for all to see.   So on this sunny Autumn afternoon I set out to shortly tell you where we have been this last year, and what we have been up to.  

Our lives took a drastic turn and literally a new climb up a mountain.   Last Summer 2012, three days after a very large shoot with Joe McNally and Epson for an ad campaign for Epson’s Finish Strong, our two Golden Retrievers decided to surprise us with a litter of 8 puppies!  I simply did not leave the house for 3.5 weeks, until we spent a week in Dallas teaching at The Little Red Schoolhouse.  We had an incredible time of it raising the puppies to 8 weeks old until we cried “UNCLE!”  Our dear friend and now official family member, Elsa, stepped in and gave us the extra hands we needed to care for these little fast moving fluff balls.  

The weekend they all went to their new homes, we decided to take a drive up to the mountains to get away for a day.  We spent the day in the fields and streams of Cle Elum, Washington.   85 short miles from our Woodinville studio.   We wanted to go somewhere where our eyes could stretch and the dogs could run,  up over Snoqualmie Summit and barely down the other side.  As we were driving up through the countryside I barely saw a For Sale sign. It was pointing to this house way out in the middle of a thousand acre field at the foot of a mountain.  I exclaimed to Stevn, TURN!   All I can say is, I said “I know, that I know, that I know that I am home, and this will be easy!”    Yes, that night we bought a new home!  

Thanksgiving day 2012 we spent our first morning having cappuccino in front of the fireplace watching it snow in the heart of the Cascade Mountains.   The journey between that September day and Thanksgiving was a real ride, it was not easy!   We had committed to a handful of workshops and most importantly CreativeLIVE NYC and also PDN PhotoPlus East which is such an honor to be a part of in New York City.  We did our 100% everyday, and then December 1, 2012 I layed down for a nap and slept for a month.

We entered 2013 with opening a second Studio & Gallery in Roslyn, Washington.  Near Cle Elum and Suncadia Resort.  We have a very large studio in an old stone building well over one hundred years old.  This is also a retreat center for workshops, and a fine art print house.  We operate two studios now and enjoy outdoor locations that really are like none other.  Our new camera room is amazing,  2o foot ceilings, stone walls and wood plank floors.   Our Woodinville Studio is as busy as ever and some of our clients are enjoying visiting up here for their sessions in the mountains.  

After getting the new studio barely open, we left for a long month of traveling to the UK.  We worked throughout Scotland and Ireland with a client, rushed home for a few hours to repack to fly to Boston, visit Stockbridge, MA and traveled onto Skaneateles, New York.   We returned home to a busy season of Senior, Family and Commercial Photography.   A couple workshops here in our new gallery, a few more trips were on the books and now completed, and it is nose to the grindstone in this gorgeous season of photography until we leave for New York City,  again attending PhotoPlus East Expo.   We have a program on October 26, Jacob Javits Center in New York City.   Our Program is Art Beyond Sight,  How I Got This Shot.   I hope to meet many of you there!  Please come and introduce yourselves.

We have complete new inspiration having made this incredible change in our lives.  It was unexpected and not planned, but the best thing that has ever happened to us.  If you know anything about Stevn and I, you know that the outdoors is key to our lifestyle and imagery.  We search the hidden atmospheres and depths of beauty of our surroundings and put them to work in our photography.  I have not posted much this year as I just needed time to resonate in the landscape and new schedule, new surroundings, new everything.   We have had hilarious times fitting in here this past year.  With this new lifestyle, it has been a lot easier to laugh at ourselves. We are living in joy and health.   

I really do not want to be so quick to use Facebook as a place to keep in touch with everyone.  Again those who know us, know that we are personal.  Life is personal.  It all seems so watered down in social media.  I will still share and post, however I am going to give it my best to keep in touch here.  Post our new work here, and visit with you here.  Please take time to RSS to our blog.  The little icon feature is on the bottom of our home page.   Please leave us comments and ask questions of all sorts.  We want to visit!   

I have posted a handful of simple photographs taken with our iphones this past year to just give you an idea of what it all looks like.  


April & May Spring 2013 Workshops

Our first workshop this year will be held April 7,8,9.  with Kamil Vojnar.

May 5,6,7.  Will be our second workshop with Corinne & Stevn Alavekios.

In the heart of the Cascade Montains 1 hour and 15 minutes from Seattle and SeaTac Intl Airport.

Details and purchase in the STORE!  

Go to our STORE section on this website to purchase your space.

Woodinville, Cle Elum, Roslyn, Washington, Fine Art Workshops

Woodinville, Cle Elum, Roslyn, Washington, Fine Art Workshops

Running Forward to EPSON FINISH STRONG with Corinne Alavekios & Stevn Alavekios


So, here it is mid September.  Autumn is barely in the air.  I am anxiously awaiting some inclement weather so I can head out on location.   Our rivers are low, and the temperatures are still rather high for our region.  Our busy season is here and we are enjoying the Senior photography that is taken place along with families.   I cannot wait until the rivers swell to their normal size.    Last night we had a downpour at 2:00am and the only night I am not awake, I miss it!   Our new puppy “Hubbell”  slept through the night and failed to wake me.  I woke to coolness and wet ground this morning, hoping it was going to continue I rushed inside to try to change a shoot to today, little did I realize the rain had come & gone and is not expected back anytime soon.  

I am posting a few more images here in the river with Epson.  The day was such a whirlwind.  The banks of the river in Redmond, Washington were busy with crew and a couple family members.  Early in the morning we started with choosing wardrobe from 180 dresses!  Yes, we shopped for the wardrobe.  Hair and make up were next at our studio, as we visited with Epson creatives and management and MC Saatchi LA.  We enjoyed a great catered lunch by Le Rendez-Vous, Organic French bakery café and off to the river we went.   When we arrived at the river the equipment was all in place.  We had been to the river a couple times early in the morning to make sure all was in order and the trucks, RV were in place.  Joe McNally was on a flight coming in that morning & Stevn drove to the airport to meet our new friend, what a nice guy!   I have to tell you, what a blessing to work with such amazing talents.  Definitely a high point in my life so far!

We are absolutely used to that first step into the cold, deep water.  There is no shallow end where we photograph.   The first step is always at least 3 1/2′ deep.   As we move out a little deeper it goes well above our waste and that is when the ladders come out.  Really tall ladders.  What people usually do not see is that when we are out in the water, we are standing on the top rung of the ladder in 6′ currents.  If we could see the bottom of the river we probably would get a little shaken by the height, but the key is you don’t look down that far.  You just look to the surface of the water, and then just start creating!   We look for flowing lines and bending the subjects curves where ever possible.  The light works best when it is flat, if it is sunny out it is almost impossible to pull of a beautiful shot.  If it is raining, it is even better!  We embrace the surroundings we live in, and lets face it here in the Seattle area our surroundings are rain.  Driving, pouring dark, rain.  We have learned to wrap our creative brains around this fact and when we hear the forecast for rain, we set out to capture a scene with an atmosphere you can feel through the imagery.  On this day with Epson, we captured images of soft, beautiful sisters.    The river banks are soft with tall grasses and as the wind blew the grass shifted back and forth.  We had a floating dock constructed for this shoot.  I do not like anything new looking, so we used old timbers that were distressed and discolored.   We decided upon pastels color gowns in the final shot.  The color palette is so pleasing on soft, it is harmonious in every way.  From the long hair that flows like the silk of the dresses we chose, to the soft grass on the banks.  It all came together beautifully on this day with Epson and friends.   I am going to print my finished print on my Epson 9900 this week.  We will take a photograph to show you, and maybe a few photographs of us using our new 7900 that has recently been installed at the studio.    

We hope you enjoy the images of the surroundings that day.  If you have any questions please leave a comment and we are happy to answer.



Welcome to the Pacific Northwest…In the river with EPSON FINISH STRONG ad campaign, Yes it was cold!


Exceed Your Vision.

Finish Strong.

We woke early and set out on a day that took much time and effort to bring together. Was it going to rain? or would the skies stay nicely overcast, or would the sun strike out strong. Living here in the Northwest keeps us on our toes when we schedule a shoot on location in a large river. We were working with many different components on this shoot. Would the floating dock stay in place that was constructed for this shoot? We would soon find out! We had a lot riding on this day. So many had worked hard to bring this day together. Now just waiting for the weather to agree with us was forefront on our mind this early morning.

We have been printing our own work for our studio on large format Pro Epson Printers since the year 2000. When I recieved a phone call from Dan Steinhardt, “Dano” marketing manager for the Epson pro division, I was thrilled to learn they were going to feature us in an ad campaign “Finish Strong”.   Dano headed up the project with collaboration from the terrific team at MC Saatchi LA. He asked me for my bucket list of shots that would come to life in this upcoming ad. This was definitely a busket list thing that was happening in my life and I did not want to fall short.  The natural environments that Stevn & I choose to photograph in daily usually do not disappoint. Our mind went immediately to a few different images, the river being our first.
So we set out to embrace the beauty outdoors instead of our studio, this is what we have been known to do for so long. Why stop now?
The stage was set, our local river and the subjects of beautiful sisters floating on the water were to be the heartbeats in the image.

The river is a natural place to find Stevn & I working. Was this going to work however with studio lights in the current of the river and such? How were we going to capture this image with unpredictable weather and water depths? Could we pull it all off and come out with an image that shows the beauty around us as we photograph and capture our image with impact?
With ladders, heavy C stands, sand bags and waders, many crew of art directors, copy writers, make up and hair stylists, grips and the talented Mr. Joe McNally and Dan Steinhardt we all pulled it off without a hitch! It was a long 6 hours in the cold waters, but man alive! Was it ever a blast!   All involved are special people to photograph a project like this with,  the friendships that emerge from working together are so sweet.  We are very grateful.

This next week I will continue to add the stories to our blog that describe the whole Epson experience for us.


We hope to meet many of you at PDN PhotoPlus week in New York City in October, As I will be speaking and educating in a seminar on Saturday, October 27,  4:00pm – 6:00p at Jacob Javits Center.
The program is “Turning the Ordinary into Extraordinary”.     This is the link for information

We also have a surprise announcement that week in New York City! Stay tuned for the surprise announcement here.

Spring arriving! SOLD OUT


A new website and blog requires new entries!   It has been quite some time since my last posts, and I feel like a lifetime of life has happened this past few seasons.

We have had many travels through out the Autumn and Winter.  San Francisco a few times,  New York City, Las Vegas a couple times, Europe and back.  It feels good to be home for a bit.

We have had work worldwide.  Beautiful shoots, and a few programs educating in our industry of photography.   This next couple months still holds a lot of travel, however our studio is busier than ever and we will be home more than not.  The Graduating Senior season of photography is well underway.  This past weekend was filled with joy in our studio as we photographed a beautiful, talented, and dedicated athlete.  The light quality was amazing and she just sparkled.  We have such new inspiration underway in this house and at our studio!

We are remodeling our studio inside & out and preparing for new clients bookings, and also holding a couple workshops this Spring.  We are designing a new look and feel to our studio.  After 12 years in our building this will be our 5th fresh look.

“Choosing to see Beauty”
Creating Conceptual and Poetic Imagery and the Fine Art Print.  April 21-23, 2012 SOLD OUT Woodinville Washington Studio USA WORKSHOP with Corinne Alavekios.

We are so excited to be educating right here in our hometown of  Woodinville, Washington.  On April 21-23, 2012.  we will hold a 3 day workshop.  We are teaching what we use in everyday life in our studio.  We photograph portraits for our clients that they know and expect.  Then we take it to another level and create and capture what inspires us, a visual from our minds eye.

Our clients see the beautiful fine art imagery within their presentation, and get to enjoy an experience of seeing through the eyes of the artists, as well as the portraits they would expect for their Seventeen Session.

During our workshop, we will take you out photographing on location and in the studio, bring your camera and laptop.  We will show you how we come up with concepts.  Find ordinary locations and make them extraordinary.  Then work the images we capture in Photoshop, and then teach you how we print them in our production studio.  Also learn how to order from your lab if you have no interest in learning to print yourself.  We will use wax, oil and mixed media to finish a beautiful piece of fine art to take home with you from our time together.

“From Photgraph to Object of Desire”  June 9-10,2012. SOLD OUT Woodinville Washington Studio USA  WORKSHOP ,  Corinne Alavekios & Kamil Vojnar workshop

The second workshop is very exciting.  Kamil Vognar is joining Stevn & I,   in a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Kamil is a renowned Fine Art Photographer & Artist.  His art gallery in St. Remy, France has been a favorite place for Stevn & I to visit upon each trip to Provence.  His work is collected and sought after worldwide.  I have been inspired by his work for many years.  I was thrilled when he agreed to join us in this workshop!

For 2 days you will learn by demonstration from myself, Stevn & Kamil the photographic process.  Then we go into depth with Kamil the composite techniques and materials used in this complex medium that he brings down to earth to understand and use in your own images.  Learn Kamil’s own recipes in making beautiful varnishes.  This is a very approachable and warm time of learning.  The images created will be in front of your eyes, Kamil and I will demonstrate Photoshop for post production.  Everything created is by our hands in house.  You will see the whole process unfold.  You will have a new understanding of the true fine art piece.  What you take away from this workshop will be priceless.

There is so much to this time together learning, be ready to concentrate and soak in a lot of knowledge.   We are working together a few times before this workshop begins.  I will keep you posted on my new adventures.

Both of these workshops you can register by going to our online store here on our website.  Just take a peek in the “Store”.  Please feel free to call and ask questions as well.

So, Stevn & I are healthy & happy.  Brinkley & Huntley happy & healthy as well.

Have a lovely week and we are back to blogging regularly.  Talk to you soon!

A quick note… I hope to see some of you tomorrow at JVH Technical Digital Festival in Bellevue Washington. We are teaching a workshop tomorrow morning.  Embassy Suites in Eastgate is the location.  8:00a to 4:00p is the time. Enjoy 2 days of learning about photographing, post production, printing, marketing & business.