August 11, 2010

I just want wanted to write a quick post this morning before we get into the thick of the day.  I am so thankful for the blessings of our clients and friends.  Working with you revitalizes our lives.  The support and encouragement we receive from you lifts us and makes our business a place of joy and fun.  Our day always holds something new.

As I started my morning early today, I was reflecting on the fact that not long ago Stevn & I had to live in the very moment from day to day for a good couple years, and then another year of settling back into a “normal” life.  However the old “normal” was long gone and a new “normal” was unfolding daily.  Happy to say we are healthy and doing pretty good at our new life after Stevns cancer treatment that really took the wind from our sails for awhile.

Often I have what I call the “520 syndrome”.  It is pretty simple.  When Stevn was in the hospital fighting for his life, I sat exhausted on my cot by his bedside.  I would watch out the window of our room at the UW hospital at the traffic on the 520 bridge. Normal lives of normal people driving to work, to school, to normal daily lives of living. I longed for those kind of days back.  I longed to return to a day when we didn’t have to live taking it 10 minutes at a time. I would say to Stevn & myself, “We just need to get through this next 10 minutes”.  Then it would be a little closer to the time that our sweet doctor would tell us about the corner Stevn would turn one day.   It took weeks, but we did turn that first corner, and then another, and another until finally, here we are today.    Driving back and forth on the 520 not worrying about treatments. Not worrying about cancer.  Out of the hospital &  living fully in the moment because the fire is out!  The past few years have profoundly changed our lives.  

This morning I was reflecting on this because I know of a beautiful young couple back east who are believing and praying with faith that David will be healed of brain cancer that he was diagnosed over a year ago.  They live in the very moment of each day, every decision they make of every moment is one of getting Davids complete health back.  Battling against emotions that are useless of being defeated by a disease that they reject.  Each moment they live replacing those emotions with promises of health and healing.  I know from experience that this excersize in emotional health is like lifting a huge pile of bricks one at a time from one pile, to another pile.  I am waiting and standing with them in faith from God above that David and Amy will return to a life of being able to drive a 520, without working hard through every moment of the day to survive.  That the joy of being healed will be their victory one day soon!

Another precious young couple, this very moment sit in Kathmandu Nepal, with a baby girl that they can adopt.  Yet because of a change in policy last week with the Nepal goverment, while they were on the plane traveling to bring her home changed in a moment.  She is not being granted the visa to return with them home.  They are pleading for help from such a far distance from home and comfort, for someone to please help them.  The adoption is fine, leaving Nepal with her is a problem.  There are 6 families in Nepal right this moment dealing with this heartbreaking situation. They are asking for prayers and pleas for help.  All in a moment their lives changed.  A 2.5 year journey to find this little baby is in a battle right now.  They have been there since August 5th holding her and knowing her as their daughter.  Their new baby.  How would you ever be able to leave her?  I am standing in faith and praying for a path to be made for them to return home safely with Pumina quickly.  

There are countless other people with urgent needs that we are aware of.  I promise to not lose a moment of faith!  I promise to not lose hope!  I promise to beleive and have faith that our loved ones and country will revitalise and a new “normal” will be found.  

Today Stevn & I can live a relaxed moment to moment type of day.  I am so thankful for this. We are thankful for our kind and gentle business that fills our days, and most nights now in our busy season.  Again we are thankful for you, our clients and friends. We lift you in our prayers daily and are thankful that you have trusted us with creating your special moments and capturing them forever through our lens.  Live each moment to its fullest!  Create memories and cherish them, hold them close.  Enjoy this beautiful summer day and keep in touch!

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  1. I am watching creativeLive today of your beautiful family! I went to your website when you gave the address and love your work then read a little of the blog and connect so much with this post as I have also been touched with cancer. I tell some of my story as it relates to photography on my blog if you are interested. Just wanted to say hey love your work, your pups are gorgeous and I will return to your website to take more in when I am done watching the workshop!

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