O.k….  Life is a bit more than busy around our Studios & Galleries.  We are sorry that our blog has suffered neglect.   If you drop into our Woodinville Studio you might want to “duck”.   Life is a whirlwind this time of year.  So much fun!  So many shoots!  With this weather and color, you can’t keep us in.  We are thankful and have a full heart this Autumn.  Thank you to everyone who is making this year so beautiful and exciting.

We will have a production week, where we will catch up on posting more shoots from this past couple months.  When the wind starts blowing, and the rain starts coming down sideways, we may stay in a couple days, but until then we are just keeping stride with our busy schedule and try to post a couple here and there.  Today doesn’t count!  The leaves all stayed up on the trees!

We have a couple new surprises planned for the new season.  Young families and little ones will love it!

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