Big Storm! & it is 15f outside right now!

We got your email Hal…  I know you feel snow is only good when your skiing.  We agree to a point.  But today we love it.  We have to.  We live here…  When it starts to melt, we are either going skiing or heading south.  Probably both!

Has everyone heard by now? another big storm…  I hope this will be nothing like two years ago.  We have done many things around our property and house to make storms easier for us.  I have such terrible memories of the dec 14 2006 storm.   I just shutter though to hear of winds like are expected tomorrow afternoon & night, and into the next day!    It is so wonderful to be healthy this winter and that this is just a bad weather storm, not a life storm.

We just returned from loading up on groceries, mainly for Grundel & Bruno our cat.   We are excited for our shoots with the Danowskis & Riggles early tomorrow.  We will post a few when we get in from the cold.

Everyone… Hang on to your hats!  I am sure glad we got our Christmas tree before all this snow hit.  Have you all seen the Christmas tree lots? Snow trees!

I think we are in for a White Christmas!



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