Far Up Above Normal – the year of 2013

To blog or not to blog?   I know in this profession of photography we are to blog and have our visuals out for all to see.   So on this sunny Autumn afternoon I set out to shortly tell you where we have been this last year, and what we have been up to.  

Our lives took a drastic turn and literally a new climb up a mountain.   Last Summer 2012, three days after a very large shoot with Joe McNally and Epson for an ad campaign for Epson’s Finish Strong, our two Golden Retrievers decided to surprise us with a litter of 8 puppies!  I simply did not leave the house for 3.5 weeks, until we spent a week in Dallas teaching at The Little Red Schoolhouse.  We had an incredible time of it raising the puppies to 8 weeks old until we cried “UNCLE!”  Our dear friend and now official family member, Elsa, stepped in and gave us the extra hands we needed to care for these little fast moving fluff balls.  

The weekend they all went to their new homes, we decided to take a drive up to the mountains to get away for a day.  We spent the day in the fields and streams of Cle Elum, Washington.   85 short miles from our Woodinville studio.   We wanted to go somewhere where our eyes could stretch and the dogs could run,  up over Snoqualmie Summit and barely down the other side.  As we were driving up through the countryside I barely saw a For Sale sign. It was pointing to this house way out in the middle of a thousand acre field at the foot of a mountain.  I exclaimed to Stevn, TURN!   All I can say is, I said “I know, that I know, that I know that I am home, and this will be easy!”    Yes, that night we bought a new home!  

Thanksgiving day 2012 we spent our first morning having cappuccino in front of the fireplace watching it snow in the heart of the Cascade Mountains.   The journey between that September day and Thanksgiving was a real ride, it was not easy!   We had committed to a handful of workshops and most importantly CreativeLIVE NYC and also PDN PhotoPlus East which is such an honor to be a part of in New York City.  We did our 100% everyday, and then December 1, 2012 I layed down for a nap and slept for a month.

We entered 2013 with opening a second Studio & Gallery in Roslyn, Washington.  Near Cle Elum and Suncadia Resort.  We have a very large studio in an old stone building well over one hundred years old.  This is also a retreat center for workshops, and a fine art print house.  We operate two studios now and enjoy outdoor locations that really are like none other.  Our new camera room is amazing,  2o foot ceilings, stone walls and wood plank floors.   Our Woodinville Studio is as busy as ever and some of our clients are enjoying visiting up here for their sessions in the mountains.  

After getting the new studio barely open, we left for a long month of traveling to the UK.  We worked throughout Scotland and Ireland with a client, rushed home for a few hours to repack to fly to Boston, visit Stockbridge, MA and traveled onto Skaneateles, New York.   We returned home to a busy season of Senior, Family and Commercial Photography.   A couple workshops here in our new gallery, a few more trips were on the books and now completed, and it is nose to the grindstone in this gorgeous season of photography until we leave for New York City,  again attending PhotoPlus East Expo.   We have a program on October 26, Jacob Javits Center in New York City.   Our Program is Art Beyond Sight,  How I Got This Shot.   I hope to meet many of you there!  Please come and introduce yourselves.

We have complete new inspiration having made this incredible change in our lives.  It was unexpected and not planned, but the best thing that has ever happened to us.  If you know anything about Stevn and I, you know that the outdoors is key to our lifestyle and imagery.  We search the hidden atmospheres and depths of beauty of our surroundings and put them to work in our photography.  I have not posted much this year as I just needed time to resonate in the landscape and new schedule, new surroundings, new everything.   We have had hilarious times fitting in here this past year.  With this new lifestyle, it has been a lot easier to laugh at ourselves. We are living in joy and health.   

I really do not want to be so quick to use Facebook as a place to keep in touch with everyone.  Again those who know us, know that we are personal.  Life is personal.  It all seems so watered down in social media.  I will still share and post, however I am going to give it my best to keep in touch here.  Post our new work here, and visit with you here.  Please take time to RSS to our blog.  The little icon feature is on the bottom of our home page.   Please leave us comments and ask questions of all sorts.  We want to visit!   

I have posted a handful of simple photographs taken with our iphones this past year to just give you an idea of what it all looks like.  


4 Responses to “Far Up Above Normal – the year of 2013”

  1. Sophia says:

    What an incredible year for a beautiful couple! Wishing you many more years of inspired living.

  2. What a beautiful stop I made on your blog. The Music touches my soul much like how you both did when I visited you 2 yrs ago fall. Wow… two years? I learned so much about myself on that visit and while it hasnt been the easiest of journeys I am at least moving forward.

    I am so happy to see you both so happy and enjoying your much deserved happiness! Hugs my friends


  3. Hope Rogers says:

    What an amazing year for you both and it just keeps going. I have such incredible memories sharing the studio and your home with you.
    Can’t thank you enough.

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