Home Sweet Home

After four weeks of travel we were happy to see our front door.  We did enjoy some much needed sunshine, but even our pups were happy to return home.  Bruno our cat quickly found his favorite spot on his favorite sofa after spending a month with my mom.  After a few days it seems like we were hardly away.  I think though that when the pups fall asleep, they are dreaming of the coast & the ocean. They will have sweet memories of romping and playing in the surf.

Today I photographed moments I captured of Brinkley, Huntly & Bruno.  I painted and toned with each image to give it an impressed nostalgic feel.  While away when I thought of home, I actually felt nostalgic at times.  I have a series of portraits I am working on that these techniques will be applied. The final prints I will do myself on beautiful French fine art paper.

So life returns back to our studio.  We have updated information on our website a bit. We are getting ready for more family, commercial and fashion sessions this next week. January 2011 we had full page spreads in Seattle Bride & Seattle Metropolitan Bride. Stevn & I photographed the lovely gowns created by Luly Yang.  It is always exciting to see our work in print.

Oh! on a very happy note.  Months ago I wrote of a couple adopting a baby from Nepal. I am happy to report that they final were granted a visa to return home after six long months with their precious new daughter.  We were so blessed to meet them all while we were on vacation. Nima is beautiful.  Best wishes and many continued prayers for Jed & Vicki and baby Nima.



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