Introducing BRINKLEY

We are in love…  Brinkley arrived form the Netherlands via Toronto on Tuesday February 2, 2010.  Into our arms.  He is everything and more we could have ever hoped for.  He is brilliant.  He is in my lap (or trying to be) as I am writing this.  So this is a short blog post tonight.  We are happy & our hearts are full.  He was rather sleepy today.  Can’t say as I blame him.  His journey started a week ago, and his clock is a bit ahead.  Today we were excited to take his first portraits, he slept all the way through them.  We gave him a few hours in the studio.  He made himself at home immediately, had fun playing a bit while we put together the camera room… Then he went to sleep.  We managed a few sleepy awake images.  This is a wonderful life.

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