Life is beautiful…

These images are all large canvas Wall Portraits we recently created to hang in our Redmond Town Center Gallery.

Life is so sweet… I am so touched by all of you. Today, as I sit in our new gallery window and work here at my computer, I see friendly faces. Children excited that school is coming to another years end.

Gina thank you for the stop in and hug. Shannon, thank you for the same. Taking time out of a busy day to visit and catch up on life. New Redmond neighbors coming in to meet. They saw me in the window working here and said they couldn’t resist saying hi. Thank you… Thank you to the sisters who came in to meet Grundel and talk about portraits at their river home and admire “Mia” the sepia image of the yellow lab. Then to my surprise, Mia, the yellow dogs’ mom came in. Thank you Eva. Lorraine & Gabriel and their girls stopped and I got more hugs. Great day! It didn’t end there.

Thank you all for your kindness and sweetness. Please enjoy the few images I posted. There are so many I can’t possibly post them all.

I am so happy that we have arrived and are healthy. Thank you for all who peek in our doors and check on how we are doing. We are doing wonderful. Healthy… Filled with joy… Living life out loud… Loving each moment breathing…Very very blessed.

Warmest regards, Corinne

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