Spring arriving! SOLD OUT


A new website and blog requires new entries!   It has been quite some time since my last posts, and I feel like a lifetime of life has happened this past few seasons.

We have had many travels through out the Autumn and Winter.  San Francisco a few times,  New York City, Las Vegas a couple times, Europe and back.  It feels good to be home for a bit.

We have had work worldwide.  Beautiful shoots, and a few programs educating in our industry of photography.   This next couple months still holds a lot of travel, however our studio is busier than ever and we will be home more than not.  The Graduating Senior season of photography is well underway.  This past weekend was filled with joy in our studio as we photographed a beautiful, talented, and dedicated athlete.  The light quality was amazing and she just sparkled.  We have such new inspiration underway in this house and at our studio!

We are remodeling our studio inside & out and preparing for new clients bookings, and also holding a couple workshops this Spring.  We are designing a new look and feel to our studio.  After 12 years in our building this will be our 5th fresh look.

“Choosing to see Beauty”
Creating Conceptual and Poetic Imagery and the Fine Art Print.  April 21-23, 2012 SOLD OUT Woodinville Washington Studio USA WORKSHOP with Corinne Alavekios.

We are so excited to be educating right here in our hometown of  Woodinville, Washington.  On April 21-23, 2012.  we will hold a 3 day workshop.  We are teaching what we use in everyday life in our studio.  We photograph portraits for our clients that they know and expect.  Then we take it to another level and create and capture what inspires us, a visual from our minds eye.

Our clients see the beautiful fine art imagery within their presentation, and get to enjoy an experience of seeing through the eyes of the artists, as well as the portraits they would expect for their Seventeen Session.

During our workshop, we will take you out photographing on location and in the studio, bring your camera and laptop.  We will show you how we come up with concepts.  Find ordinary locations and make them extraordinary.  Then work the images we capture in Photoshop, and then teach you how we print them in our production studio.  Also learn how to order from your lab if you have no interest in learning to print yourself.  We will use wax, oil and mixed media to finish a beautiful piece of fine art to take home with you from our time together.

“From Photgraph to Object of Desire”  June 9-10,2012. SOLD OUT Woodinville Washington Studio USA  WORKSHOP ,  Corinne Alavekios & Kamil Vojnar workshop

The second workshop is very exciting.  Kamil Vognar is joining Stevn & I,   in a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Kamil is a renowned Fine Art Photographer & Artist.  His art gallery in St. Remy, France has been a favorite place for Stevn & I to visit upon each trip to Provence.  His work is collected and sought after worldwide.  I have been inspired by his work for many years.  I was thrilled when he agreed to join us in this workshop!

For 2 days you will learn by demonstration from myself, Stevn & Kamil the photographic process.  Then we go into depth with Kamil the composite techniques and materials used in this complex medium that he brings down to earth to understand and use in your own images.  Learn Kamil’s own recipes in making beautiful varnishes.  This is a very approachable and warm time of learning.  The images created will be in front of your eyes, Kamil and I will demonstrate Photoshop for post production.  Everything created is by our hands in house.  You will see the whole process unfold.  You will have a new understanding of the true fine art piece.  What you take away from this workshop will be priceless.

There is so much to this time together learning, be ready to concentrate and soak in a lot of knowledge.   We are working together a few times before this workshop begins.  I will keep you posted on my new adventures.

Both of these workshops you can register by going to our online store here on our website.  Just take a peek in the “Store”.  Please feel free to call and ask questions as well.

So, Stevn & I are healthy & happy.  Brinkley & Huntley happy & healthy as well.

Have a lovely week and we are back to blogging regularly.  Talk to you soon!

A quick note… I hope to see some of you tomorrow at JVH Technical Digital Festival in Bellevue Washington. We are teaching a workshop tomorrow morning.  Embassy Suites in Eastgate is the location.  8:00a to 4:00p is the time. Enjoy 2 days of learning about photographing, post production, printing, marketing & business.



Home Sweet Home

After four weeks of travel we were happy to see our front door.  We did enjoy some much needed sunshine, but even our pups were happy to return home.  Bruno our cat quickly found his favorite spot on his favorite sofa after spending a month with my mom.  After a few days it seems like we were hardly away.  I think though that when the pups fall asleep, they are dreaming of the coast & the ocean. They will have sweet memories of romping and playing in the surf.

Today I photographed moments I captured of Brinkley, Huntly & Bruno.  I painted and toned with each image to give it an impressed nostalgic feel.  While away when I thought of home, I actually felt nostalgic at times.  I have a series of portraits I am working on that these techniques will be applied. The final prints I will do myself on beautiful French fine art paper.

So life returns back to our studio.  We have updated information on our website a bit. We are getting ready for more family, commercial and fashion sessions this next week. January 2011 we had full page spreads in Seattle Bride & Seattle Metropolitan Bride. Stevn & I photographed the lovely gowns created by Luly Yang.  It is always exciting to see our work in print.

Oh! on a very happy note.  Months ago I wrote of a couple adopting a baby from Nepal. I am happy to report that they final were granted a visa to return home after six long months with their precious new daughter.  We were so blessed to meet them all while we were on vacation. Nima is beautiful.  Best wishes and many continued prayers for Jed & Vicki and baby Nima.