The very best kind of day!

Stevn at the Beach

I wish I could articulate how this image makes me feel.  The absolute joy that rises from inside.  Stevn & I really wanted some special time away this year.  Not a rushed trip with jet lag and itinerary worries.   We wanted sweet time with eachother & what we love the most.  That is what April was to us this year.  A month at the coast in California.

It warms my heart to see Stevn with a big smile playing at the beach with Grundel & I.  This is Grundels first 5 minutes in the ocean.  His first time swimming!  Believe it, or not.  A Golden that has never swam in his life of 3 and a half years!  I was so excited for my dog to lay his eyes on the amazing blue Pacific!  I was excited to see it myself!

This is Carmel by the Sea.  Where we plan to spend part of our Winters in the future.  We have always loved this little town.  It is very gentle & sweet.  Dog lovers heaven!  Dogs are free to play anywhere on the beach off leash!  Pebble Beach is just steps above main beach.  Absolutely beautiful.  Grundel helped himself one of our many days playing on the beach, to a golfers ball playing The beautiful course.  A smile & a wave and everyone happy.   Especially my Grundel pup.

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