Today I came across these images of Tucker, our beautiful Golden, taken by Stevn not too long before Tuck died.   I miss him & Charger every day.  Grundel has entered our life. Who now is 3 and a half years old,  but nothing ever fills the void of losing loved ones. We were so blessed with such special dogs & special family.

I spoke with my cousin today who was so very dear to me growing up.  We lost touch over the years.  We got to talking about our dogs.  I didn’t have to look very hard to find a few images.  I will post some of Charger later.  It is so easy to lose touch with people.  We let life move forward too fast.  It is a happy moment when we reconnect. Kind of poignant looking back…  A lot of life has happened.  So glad to be here!  So, Michael… So wonderful to hear from you!  I love that you get up at 3:40am because Charlie dog woke you to play.   I am touched that your wife Juanita can’t think of life without Charlie. I understand that kind of love. We have such fun memories if we look back. Thank you for that!

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