Twenty Ten

I took a few minutes to gather my thoughts this evening, and I realized I have neglected our blog.  Little did I know it has been over three months since I touched base.

As I worked on this little girl and her pony I thought it perfect to post to our blog.  A cheerful, cute little image that puts a smile on your face no matter what is going on in the moment.

A long few months have pasted since writing my last entry.  A whirlwind of life has been sweeping us day by day through the calendar months!  I don’t like this to happen, but once again Spring hurries into Summer and rushes into Autumn, and we are working long hours everyday of the week.  We are thankful for our Studio and every heartbeat that walks through our doors.  We are also thankful for a little Winter, to slow the pace down a bit and try to catch our breath.  Still waiting for this to happen.

I have so many images to post, I truly do not know where to begin.

This has been an amazing year for Stevn and I.  We are healthy, more happiness in our life than ever.  We are not blind to the hardships that are in our world, country and our community.  I am so thankful to God above for the blessings of each and every one of you.  Our clients this year are dear, authentic beautiful people inside and out.  Thank you for helping us create special memories and imagery.  Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

I look forward to being a better hostess here to our blog.  A silent blog is not a good blog.

I always seem to want to write when my dog would spur a thought or funny notion.  I miss Grundel for that among many other things. People that know me, know I love my big dog.  I feel like I am missing my muse.  When really it is just the narration I do for my furry loved one, is my form of conversation in life unfolding.  A conversation that goes back and forth, and includes Stevn.   I have replaced doing this with my big dog, with doing this from Stevns’ perspective on things.  It is just as funny, not dog funny though… a little more complicated, and a lot more words!   Those that new Grundel would say he was not complicated….  But you know what? he was complicated.  In a very happy way…  Actually a lot like Stevn. He did however have a lot fewer words.  He had different visuals in his minds eye.  I feel blessed, I know I did well on the interpretations.

I’m sure none of this makes sense to most.  I think I am safe in saying however, I think there are a lot of people that narrate life for their dog, cat, furry 4 legged family. and are happier for doing so.  I just can’t articulate the right way we all do it.  The silent and sometimes not so silent-very special, dear & poignant moments in conversations with our furry loved ones.  I for one need this in my life and for my heart.

I guess I am thinking this because in two weeks our first of two puppies arrive.  Grundel always wanted to be the only dog.  I think and hope he would feel good that we are starting again our new family.  We can never replace our loved ones.  We can add love to our hearts though, and we are waiting anxiously to have a home once again with needs of a cherished dog.  The home is void without the heartbeats.  Let the narration and stories begin for our home!

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