We are printing all day

We are happy that the storm winds here in Woodinville were not bad.  We hope that all of you here in the Northwest faired the blizzard o.k.  It was a sight.  or lack of.  Stevn & I went out & played in the snow with Grundel for about an hour at 11:00p.  Was amazing. Everything kind of glowed, and was very silent.

Again though, a ton of new snow. What are we up to now?  About 2 feet.

Our sessions yesterday were beautiful again out in the snow.  I will post a few later today.

Thank you Taylor for the hot cocoa!  I need to know how you did that.  It reminded me of hot chocolate in Paris.

Thank you Tamie & Stephanie for coming by our home to pick up your gift prints.  We loved seeing you.

Thank you Ron & Spencer Cook for coming this afternoon to cut your Christmas Card prints!  A huge help.  Look forward to seeing you.

Riggle family, we hope your flight got out to Cabo this morning.

Chatterly family, we hope your flight to London will take off as planned, as well.

Merry Christmas to our families abroad this season.

Our production has been slowed down a bit because of this weather.  We had a few days our schedule had to change.  We are catching up and mailing out some canvas’ and orders tomorrow afternoon.

be safe & happy snow day!


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